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epilepsyEpilepsy is a disease in which a person develops attacks against a background of impaired brain function.

There are the following types of seizures:

  • generalized (large): tonic and absent;
  • partial;

During a major attack, brain damage occurs, and during the partial seizure the activity of only one site in the brain changes.

Characteristic features of epileptic seizures

epilepsy atackBefore a tonic attack begins, a person experiences characteristic symptoms, which allows him to take a safe posture before falling or losing consciousness. The attack is characterized by a strong muscular tension, intermittent breathing and the appearance of uncontrolled movements, after which the patient comes to, and the symptoms recede. After an attack, urinary incontinence may occur and a headache with disorientation may begin. Epileptic status is a condition with constantly changing tonic seizures, which is life-threatening and is an indicator for immediate hospitalization.

Absence occurs in young children and is practically not found in the adult population. In this type of seizures the child “drops out” of reality for 5-30 seconds. The eyes are open at the same time, the patient does not fall to the floor, so it is often easy to miss absense.

The partial attack differs from the others in that a person does not lose consciousness, and convulsions appear on one part of the body. After that, weakness and numbness of the part of the body that was involved in the attack can be felt. In addition, the taste, sounds or smells can be felt differently than usual.
There is another psychomotor attack, which can develop into a great fit. In a psychomotor fit, a person does not respond to treatment, and his face may be distorted by facial expressions.

Treatment of convulsive syndrome, and analogues

With epilepsy, several drugs can be prescribed, including medications that cramps seizures. Well with this task copes drug Depakote. It has an anticonvulsant, muscle relaxant, calming effect, and also improves the mood and general condition of patients. In addition, the drug does not have a negative effect on the cardiovascular system.

Depakote has good tolerability and can be used in combination with other drugs (enhances the effect of certain antidepressants and antipsychotics). Buy or order the drug can be without a prescription, but the treatment scheme should appoint a doctor, based on the tolerability of the drug and the severity of the disease.

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