The drug from alcohol dependence.

dependence of alcoholDependence on alcohol (alcohol or ethanol) is a serious illness as a result of which a person uncontrollably consumes alcohol-containing drinks. According to statistics, this ailment is more common in people aged 20-40 years. The vast majority of alcohol-dependent men are men. In some cases, we can say that the propensity for alcoholism is inherent in nature. Therefore, if there are alcoholics in the family, it is advisable to use alcohol sparingly, and it is better to refuse them altogether.

Features of the manifestation of alcohol dependence

abstinence syndromeThe main feature that distinguishes a person from dependence on a person who abuses alcohol is the presence of an abstinence syndrome. This condition is comparable to the withdrawal syndrome in drug dependence and has a different degree of severity depending on the stage of the disease. At the last stages of alcoholism, the withdrawal syndrome appears one day after the last use of alcohol and is characterized by the development of white fever. The patient has hallucinations, seizures and impaired orientation in space. This is a dangerous condition that requires urgent hospitalization.

The danger of dependence on alcohol is also in the fact that over time people stop eating normally and can get deficiency of necessary substances, such as thiamine (Vitamin B1). Lack of thiamine badly affects the work of the brain and can lead to memory impairment, dementia, and with a severe and prolonged deficiency – to loss of consciousness and coma.

Methods of treatment of dependence on alcohol

treatment of alcoholismTo treat alcohol dependence use a therapeutic method of treatment to eliminate cravings for alcohol. This property is possessed by the preparation Antabuse (the active component is disulfiram). The mechanism of its action is that it stops the transformation of ethanol at the stage of formation of acetaldehyde. As a result of its accumulation, the patient can experience such symptoms as:

  • cardiopalmus;
  • weakness and dizziness against a background of a sharp drop in blood pressure;
  • nausea and the urge to vomit;

Antabuse should be taken only by prescription of the attending physician, after which the drug can be bought at a pharmacy or ordered online.


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