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headache or migraineMigraine is a condition of a neurological genesis, which manifests itself in the form of unilateral headaches (less often bilateral). Along with this, the disease can be accompanied by deterioration of visual functions, nausea, and sometimes vomiting.

Development of migraine

The first attacks of diseases most often occur in people with 30 years, less often – with 40, in very rare cases, migraines affect small children. The number of patients increases with age. Migraines are more likely to affect women. In addition, there is evidence that the propensity to the disease in some cases is transmitted from generation to generation.
Migraine is prone to relapse, which can occur as several times a month, and every 1-1.5 years. Most patients report a decrease in the number, and severity of the seizures over time.

Types of migraine

There are two types of migraine:

  1. Migraine with aura: before the onset of an attack, a number of specific symptoms develop, for example, a disorder of visual functions. This is the most rare type of migraine and it occurs in 20% of cases.
  2. Migraine without an aura.

Some people may suffer from alternating manifestations of two types of migraine throughout life.

Treatment of migraine

migraine symptomsThe disease is complex and is aimed at preventing the occurrence of seizures with the help of drug and non-medicinal methods. The latter method includes protecting the patient from provoking factors, and drug therapy is used, both for prevention and for relief of migraine symptoms. Preventative treatment does not guarantee that the attacks will not appear again, but they help delay the occurrence of relapse and alleviate the course of the disease. Among the prescribed drugs, Periactin is often recommended. It is a drug with a wide spectrum of action, which was originally used against allergic manifestations. However, his antiemetic effect and the positive effect on the vessels were later determined, so that he suppresses the manifestation of unpleasant symptoms in migraine. ┬ácan be bought or ordered online after a doctor’s consultation (sold without a prescription).

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