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erysipelasThe erysipelas is a disease of an infectious genesis, the causative agent of which is group A streptococcus, which causes damage to the skin or mucous membranes. The peculiarity of the disease lies in the fact that once a person appears, it often occurs repeatedly. The course of the disease is quite unpleasant and is accompanied by weakness, hyperthermia and general intoxication of the body.

How is the erysipelas transmitted?

The carrier of the pathogen can be a person with streptococcal infection (group A) or a carrier of this bacterium. The microorganism is transmitted via an air-drop mechanism, but cases of contact infection through damage to the skin or mucous membranes (nasopharynx, genitalia) have been noted. Group A streptococci often focus on the mucous or human skin, so the lack of adequate hygiene can lead to the development of an infectious process.

How is erysipelas diagnosed?

Since this is a bacterial infection, some of its symptoms will be similar to many other diseases of the same nature. The doctor pays attention to the following points:

  1. how the disease begins (fever, intoxication with rapid development);
  2. the place of development of the inflammatory process (most often it’s legs and face).

Often the symptoms occur dramatically because of what patients can call not only the day when the disease started, but also the exact time. An important diagnostic criterion is the local enlargement of the lymph nodes. Also, the peculiarity of erysipelas lies in the fact that in the state of rest, the patient is practically not disturbed by painful sensations.

How is the face treated with Zithromax?

Therapy of erysipelas can be carried out at home, although in severe cases doctors recommend hospitalization. Indication for inpatient treatment is also children’s and elderly age, and the presence of concomitant diseases.

As a treatment, conservative therapy with the prescription of antibiotics is recommended. The drug Zithromax gives good results, slowing the growth and vital activity of streptococci.

It is highly effective and tolerable: it is contraindicated only with individual sensitivity to macrolides, including the active substance of the drug Zithromax – Azithromycin. You can buy Zithromax in a pharmacy or order online, but before that you should consult a doctor.

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